Think a 2 storey home in Perth is too expensive? Think Again.

Single storey homes are still the common type of house in Western Australia. However, the popularity of 2 storey homes continues to increase even if there are times when the advantages of such type of home are often overlooked.

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2 Storey House

Building 2 storey homes has become so popular these days especially that buildable lands have become scarce as prices continue to increase. As a result, home buyers and home builders alike must rethink adding additional floor to your home to ensure they can get the most out of the space available out of their block of lot.

But is building a 2 story house expensive? When buying or renovating a new home, money is always a major factor. Especially with two storey homes, where most people say that such type of home is much harder to get around and manage than single stories and especially more expensive.

However, the truth is 2 storey homes are not as expensive as what some people think especially when you think about the benefits it can bring.

Building a 2 storey house is ideal when you have a narrow lot to build in. You probably already know the challenges narrow lots can bring when it comes to building a new home. When you have a small lot available, getting everything you want and need inside your home is tough. It seems like you need to make sacrifices either in the interior structure or the outside features of your home. By the time you factor in a garden or a garage, they amount of room for the living space can seem pitifully small.

Narrow lots can truly bring a lot of disadvantages, but homeowners are able to embrace them thanks to two storey houses. These homes are able to help homeowners overcome the challenges brought by limited space. Additionally, building up is actually cheaper than building out since you don’t need to add more roofing and foundation.

To generalise, double storey homes are actually not too expensive. It can actually be more beneficial to you especially when you need to put a lot of rooms on a small lot and cost efficient as well. And to ensure the success of your project, you should partner with a good Perth home builder.