Internet over satellite: Ultimate satellite communication technique for mining, exploration and construction

Internet over satellite is a way of accessing Internet in remote places. In remote place you may not have a cable TV or DSL. Satellite communication helps in providing internet in rural areas. Satellite internet has speed beyond the cable internet and DSL Broadband.

It doesn’t require telephone lines or cable system to access internet. Any satellite communication involves two way communications. Download and upload are the two ways of communications. In general download speed is 10 times more than that of upload speed.

Satellite over internet consists of devices which enable two way communications.

1. A Dish of dimension 2’*3’

2. Two modems for two way communication

3. Cables to connect between modems and the Dish

Positioning of the dish requires the use of common sense. Generally all the communication satellites are places near the equator area hence you need to make your dish face that direction in order to avoid interruption of signals. Heavy pouring can affect the way your modem receives the signals from satellite.

A single satellite can serve 5000 internet users at a particular instant.  IP multicasting technology governs the way satellite communication occurs. A single satellite can make 5000 successful communications at a particular instant. The usage of satellite communication is manifold.

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Satellite communication in satellite phone

Satellite phone provides communication in places where there is no possibility of getting terrestrial cellular network access. It is same as that of internet over satellite.

When ground based systems fail to work satellite phone proves to be a miracle.

During natural calamities all ground systems get sabotaged. During that time satellite phone works as the sole media of communication.

Satellite phones are equipped with all types of communications. A great communication provider for mining, exploration and construction sites in Australia is Milpeak Pty Ltd.

GPS enables you to locate various places on earth. Satellite phone can call and send text to a phone where there is no possibility of getting ground network access.

Internet over satellite for exploration, mining and construction

Navigation satellite systems have made it possible to measure the positioning of minerals by using positioning signals present on earth. Foundation is the major part of any construction. Using positioning signals, it becomes easy to predict about thing that lies underneath the construction site.

The signals can go up to an unimaginable depth.

The satellite signal can be used to predict the depth of a mine. Archeologists use it for exploration of various sites. Survey is an important part of construction. You can make a survey of up to 1 kilometer underground through internet over satellite. Internet over satellite has brought revolution in communication technology.


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